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Welcome to the University Training Booking System. This site provides a central point for staff and students of the University and its Colleges to search for and book onto a variety of training courses run by participating University training providers.

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Eligibility for a training course varies according to the training provider and the course. Please check the training provider's eligibility policy and the 'Target Audience' on the individual training event page before booking.

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To make an online booking using this system you need a Raven account.

  • If you are a current University or College member and do not have a Raven account, please contact the University Information Services (UIS).
  • Members of affiliated institutions may be able to attend a training course but might not be eligible for a Raven account. To check Raven eligibility, contact the UIS. If you are not eligible for a Raven account then you will not be able to book online but you should instead contact the relevant training provider by email/phone to process your booking.
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The University Training Booking System has been developed by the UIS. For further details please contact us at pp加速器安卓版下载.

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